Book a private ultrasound scan

Posted on by Kara

Are you looking to book a private ultrasound scan? Would you like to know what it entails; we will explain it in this blog?

If you want to book a private ultrasound scan, you may be worried about what is involved, do not be worried, an ultrasound scan is painless and should not cause you any harm.

Ultrasound Scan

A private ultrasound scan will create images of the organs inside the body, it does this by sending out high-frequency sound waves which reflect off the body’s structures. These waves are then sent to a computer to produce a picture. A private ultrasound scan will not use radiation, so will not harm you or your body.

When you book a private ultrasound scan it will be looking for certain problems in the body, such as:

Cysts, Gallstones, any abnormal growths, any abnormalities in the liver or spleen, liver cancer and liver disease.

When you book a private ultrasound scan, the appointment will usually take about 30 minutes, some examinations may take a little longer if the sonographer cannot find what they are looking for or are doing a full examination of multiple organs.

When you book a private ultrasound scan you should wear loose and comfortable clothing, you still may be asked to wear a gown and remove your clothing if it is not suitable.

After your private Ultrasound scan, you should get immediate results as the sonographer will be able to these on the screen, so you should get verbal results and advice straight away if something like a cyst is revealed you will then have to go for further testing (usually a biopsy) to see if the cyst is cancerous. Usually, a cyst will show up filled with tissue or air, whereas a tumour is normally a solid mass of tissue.